Let Us Introduce Ourselves...

Hello Lovely WWS listeners! (We haven’t quite found a clever name for our listening fam quite yet. Feel free to email us with any suggestions because we are stumped.) 

Welcome to our Blog! We are beyond excited to get this blog ball rolling.  

Let us first re-introduce ourselves for those of you who are new around here. 

We are two best friends, Chelsey and Jaci, and we host this all-over-the-place podcast together. Honestly, it’s our dream come true. 

Here’s a little story of how we met. 

One day back in 2010, we both went with a group of mutual friends to a pizza place after school. We didn’t know each other but we met and hung out and it was cool. Whatever. 

Fast forward a couple months and we decided to hang out with each other after school one day.... alone. Now you know how this is!!! We were both 15 and hanging out with someone who is just an acquaintance ALONE for the first time can be scary and awkward. Ya know, because the mutual friend who knows the other person better isn’t around to make everyone feel comfortable.  

Luckily for us, we were instant best friends. We ate ice cream and pizza and Jaci had a sleepover at my house that night and the rest is history! 

Throughout the next few years of High School we were inseparable. Jace and I were constantly cracking jokes, in every class, all the time. We were on the dance team together and were always causing a riot trying to make each other laugh. People would always joke that we needed a TV show together so we started the next best (and possible) thing that year....  a blog! And we called it, That’s What We Said. 

We wrote about our embarrassing stories, different cliques at school, 2012 fashion (coral chevron, studded mint vests, the whole 9 yards..), and other things pertaining to our semi-entertaining, measly high school lives. 

Well, time went on and we both moved away from home pursuing and exploring our passions but always staying friends.  

We grew distant after we both got married & moved to different states. There were random texts and phone calls and we only saw each other every couple months.  

April 2018 came around & for my birthday, Jaci got me a plane ticket to come visit her in Newport! So I came & spent a weekend with her & just like that we were back in business! I think we both had forgotten what it was like to have a best friend that wasn’t our husbands. We started texting & talking all the time again and it was like nothing had changed since HS.  

I had been wanting to start a podcast with my husband, but my husband didn’t want to put his whole life out there on the internet. (I don’t blame him.)  

Jaci had been wanting to start a podcast but didn’t want to host it alone. So we joined forces & decided to make it work, despite us living in two different states. 

We knew what we wanted to do with this podcast from the start, we wanted to inspire and entertain our listeners. The tricky part was figuring out HOW to do it. What equipment did we need, how often should we post, what should we talk about, what will our brand be?  

We were trying to come with a name & our old blog kept calling to us, it HAD to be named That’s What We Said. But it was too long, there weren’t domains, etc. so we decided on What We Said. It just felt nostalgic and right.  

So we brainstormed more ideas and went for it. I booked a flight back to California & we recorded the first 7 episodes!! We were hooked.  

We have loved this podcasting journey so far. We have met some amazing people & have had the opportunity to hear some incredibly inspiring stories. I’ve learned so much & I feel like with each episode I’m growing more and more into the person I’ve always wanted to be.  

So now you know the jist of how we came to be WWS, here are some fun facts about us! 


What is your favorite food? Pizza or Vegan Nachos! 

What does the perfect day look like for you? Wake up early with Nick (if I could somehow wake him up, he is a sleeper boy in the morning) & take our pup on a long walk. Then I would love to go to a great hot yoga class to really get my zen flowin’ for the day. Then probably go to brunch with Nick at one of our favorite spots, do something productive for work that I love, maybe hang out and get something to eat with good friends or family. And finally cozy up in bed to watch funny videos on YouTube and cuddles w/ nick. 

 How old are you? 23 

What’s your Meyer Briggs personality type? INFJ - T “The Advocate” 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Southern California or the South of France (even though I’ve never been but it looks amazing) on a farm with my husband, future kiddos and a bunch of animals.  

What is your choice form of exercise?  Definitely Hot Yoga! I feel my best physically and mentally when I’m consistent with my yoga practice and I like hot yoga because it feels so good to sweat it all out. Or swimming!   

What is your favorite animal? Cheetahs! I’ve always been in love with them.   

What’s your favorite genre of music? honestly, ALL of them! I love everything from the oldies to 2000’s screamo to indie folk and everything in between. 

Describe yourself in 3 words: compassionate, sarcastic, & a sophophilic

Dream Job? (Besides what you do now): I would LOVE to be a lawyer or a detective. 



What is your favorite food? Pasta. and basically any dessert! 

What does the perfect day look like for you? Dream day=Waking up at 9 AM. Going to a vegan café for breakfast. Hanging out with Leif and Lady and then going to do a light workout. After that, meeting up with friends to shop/get lunch! Then get a couples massage with Leif. I love massages so much. After that, honestly I’d love to finish off the day with recording a podcast episode. It has become almost therapeutic and something I really look forward to. Last but not least get some dinner to go and watch netflix in bed.  

What is your choice form of exercise? Still trying to figure this out. I have never been super consistent with any form of workout besides dance (in high school) which I loved and wish I still kept up with. I like going to yoga but i’m very out of practice so I think if i did that more I would enjoy it. I also love/hate cycling classes (like Soulcycle). Such a good workout! 

What is your favorite animal? Toy poodle ;) 

What is your favorite genre of music? Okay I had to do some research for this question because I couldn’t really define what style the music is that I normally listen to. I’m gonna go with pop or contemporary R&B. I also love hip hop/rap music! 

Describe yourself in 3 words: passionate, loyal, spontaneous  

Dream Job? (Besides what you do now): fashion editorial photographer  

How old are you? 23 

What’s your Meyer Briggs personality type? ENFP-T. “The Campaigner” 

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you live? Sydney, Australia. Best food, beautiful scenery, safe and home to the kindest people with the best accent 


Thanks for stopping in today! Keep your eyes peeled in our “BLOG” section for some fun contributors and more content!