Ep. 24 - Marriage, Motherhood, and Finding Your Voice. (Licensed Therapist - Chrissy Powers)

This week, the girls are joined by fellow podcaster and marriage and family therapist, Chrissy Powers. Chrissy is a wife, a mom of 3, a blogger, a licensed therapist, and on top of ALL that, she recently came out with an E Course helping people find their voice, build their brand, and make a profit doing it! They chat about marriage and communication problems, the stigma around couple’s therapy, and finding the balance between working and being a mom. Tune in for a conversation filled with inspiration and plenty of great advice! You can also listen to Chrissy’s podcast, “Sure, Babe” on the Apple Podcast app or Podbean. Follow her on Instagram @chrissyjpowers

Episode 23 - Halloween Special (Scary Hometown Stories)

Happy Halloween! If you are anything like Jaci and Chelsey you have a love/hate relationship with true crime & anything that scares you into sleeping with a night light. So in honor of this eerie season, the girls have their spookiest episode yet! They share their personal scariest experiences & talk all things haunted. They read  hometown ghost stories, mysteries, & tons of other scary stories from fans & friends. Get your night lights ready. The girls from WWS wish you a fun & safe Halloween! 

Episode 22 - Testing our Personalities

Chels & Jaci take you through their favorite personality tests this week! They talk about the Meyers Briggs test, the Enneagram test, the Color Code test & the Four Tendencies quiz! The girls go through and talk about their own results and what they mean. They discuss how defining yourself is NOT confining yourself. It can help you become self aware, make improvements or understand why you might act/react a certain way. 

Episode 21 - Embarrassing Accidental Texts

This week the ladies bring you your most cringe-worthy, accidental text messages. Have you ever been sending a text message or email about someone and you accidentally sent it TO THE PERSON YOU WERE talking about!? The girls have been there, done that. Or, even worse, have you ever sent a voice message or snapchat to the wrong person!? Well, you are not alone. They read friends’ and fans’ accounts of accidental post-date texts, risky pictures, and work emails. You definitely don’t wanna miss this one!

Episode 20 - 23 Year Old Entrepreneur (Unfold Co-founder Andy McCune)

This week the girls take you to New York City with them to talk with the brilliant Andy McCune (co-founder of the app Unfold and founder of the IG account @earth)! In this interview, the girls and Andy talk about his Instagram story template app Unfold & how it came to be. He expounds on what it takes to get an app up and running, and how he stays motivated as a young entrepreneur. He also talks about how what started out as a personal travel inspiration account (@earth) has grown and accumulated over 1 million followers on Instagram. You may even learn the different populations of the biggest & smallest U.S. states in this episode!

Follow Andy on his Instagram @Andy, follow his account @earth on IG or Twitter and you can follow his app on Instagram @unfold or download Unfold via the App Store!

Episode 19 - Travel Q + A with Jaci Marie

This week’s episode is all about TRAVELING! Luckily we have our very own Jaci Marie Smith who is a seasoned world traveler to answer some frequently asked questions. The girls talk about the best places to visit, ways to save money, how influencers “afford” to travel all the time, & more tips & tricks. If you are new to traveling, an experienced adventurer, or are wanting to start globe trotting for the first time, tune in to be inspired to fly!

Episode 18 - Dealing with Anxiety Disorder (Abbey Gustafson)

This week the girls are joined by none other than Abbey Gustafson, who is Chelsey’s younger sister! Abbey opens up about growing up with panic disorder and social anxiety. Abbey experienced panic attacks starting at a very young age. Through grade school & her young adult life, having severe anxiety greatly affected her social, mental, and physical health. She shares her experience coming home early from her LDS mission, how she has learned to accept her “weakness” as a strength, & how she copes with her anxiety daily in order to keep moving forward. @flabbyabbeyyyy

Episode 16 - Abuse, Addiction, and the Power of Forgiveness (Abbey Lindblom)

Abbey Lindblom joins the girls this week as their special guest! Abbey is the 23 year old owner of the clothing boutique, Shop Fidelity. Abbey was physically and emotionally abused growing up, then her relationship with her mom was sabotaged by her mother’s drug and alcohol addictions. Unfortunately, Abbey lost her mom a year and a half ago to her addictions. Abbey opens up about the importance of forgiveness and letting go. She emphasizes how vital it is to create something good from trials so you can break the cycle. Her shop donates 10% of each purchase to NCADD - a rehab recovery program for women struggling with drug addiction. @abbeylindblom @shopfidelity www.shopfidelity.co

Episode 14 - Mormon Culture

Chels and Jace jump into religion this week! This episode was HIGHLY requested. They get down to the nitty gritty & open up about their experiences growing up as active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka LDS aka "Mormon". The girls discuss their opinions on the culture that comes along with the church, why it can be hard to open up about religion on social media, and their own personal beliefs and struggles. They also talk about how important love & acceptance is & why it seems easier for Mormons & religious people of other beliefs to judge people within their same religion. Lots of tears this week on a touchy but special episode of WWS! 

Episode 13 - Are you REALLY healthy though?

Jaci & Chelsey chat about holistic health and how to bring balance into your life. They also explain Primary food vs. Secondary food and how to “nourish” certain areas of your life. They dive in to Chelsey’s career as a health coach, what a health coach is & why you would need one, & what she’s learned from her schooling/experience. Health is way more than just the food on your plate!

Episode 12 - Creating Light in the Dark (Dave + Natalie Swenson)

This week Jaci & Chelsey are joined by Dave & Natalie Swenson! Dave & Natalie had a rough 2017 to say the least. Last summer Dave’s older brother went missing & after almost 3 weeks of relentless searching his body was found & they had to lay him to rest, not knowing that only hours after the funeral they would be giving birth to their 2nd daughter. In the following months their business suffered, Natalie dealt with childhood trauma for the first time, & their baby had a pneumonia scare. They couldn’t help but think God was playing with them. Throughout all of this Dave had a poem that he wrote months earlier stuck in his head & they decided to share their story & write a children’s book in hopes of helping others going through similar struggles. Dave & Natalie open up about finding light in the darkness & what to do when you’ve found yourself at rock bottom. One of the most genuine couples, these two have such a kind and warm presence and tell their story beautifully. To support them & their book PLEASE go donate to their kickstarter so they can reach their goal! 


Find their book on Instagram: @grow.thebook

Episode 11 - Teen Mom (Madi Beasley)

This week the girls have a special guest, the adorable Madi Beasley! She opens up about her experience growing up in a Christian home and getting pregnant at the age of 16. She shares how it affected her relationship with the father who is now her husband, how it shaped her life, and how she's learned to stay positive and roll with the punches. Madi has been a stay at home mom for the past five years, now has a 5 year old daughter & a one year old son and is just starting school to become an aesthetician! The girls chat about all things pregnancy and birth, how to deal with "mom guilt", & finding time for yourself among the mayhem we call life. Follow Madi on social media: @madibeasley

Episode 9 - Growing up Gay and Mormon (Ty French)

This week the hilarious & always iconic Tyson French, a photographer and influencer from Los Angeles and long time friend of the girls, joins the WWS podcast! Tyson tells his story about growing up in a religious LDS home and being gay, coming to terms with who he truly is, and finally coming out to his friends and family at the age of 18. Follow Tyson on Social Media: @tyfrench @tyfrenchphoto

Episode 8 Part 1 - First Guests! (Our Husbands)

& now a word from our husbands.... these two were highly requested! This week we have our first guests: Chelsey’s husband, Nick & Jaci’s husband, Leif. They talk about how they met, recall their “love” stories, offer amateur marriage advice, and spill about all the drama that comes with dating & married life.